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I don’t want to run it without first class advice.

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Providing support with expertise and experience
Taking opportunities and controlling risks are your primary concerns as an entrepreneur and decision-maker. This will be made easier with the support of an economically experienced and sensitive partner.

So that your current requirements become sustainable solutions tomorrow, we place great emphasis on dealing with figures and situations in a trustworthy manner. Our individual support approaches ensure we never lose sight of the essentials. Our qualified team offers individual solutions and effective implementation support to the self-employed, the decision-makers and companies at all management levels. So you’ll get more options and more freedom for your business activities.

  • Innovation and change management
    • Evaluation of strategic options for action
    • Idea finding and implementation (Design-thinking, EKS)
    • Business Process Development
    • Project and action planning
    • Number-supported strategic corporate planning
  • Digitization and data protection
    • Consulting EU Data Protection Basic Regulation
    • Establishment of data protection management system (DSMS)
    • Further development and optimization of existing DSMS
    • Provision of external data protection officers
  • Sales strategy
    • Alignment (analog and/or digital)
    • organization
    • implementation
  • Corporate succession
    • Succession planning (qualitative and quantitative)
    • Process Support
    • Conflict Management
  • Creation of business concepts
  • Transaction Management and Post Merger Integration (PIM) – Preparation of acquisitions
    • Creation of Business Cases
    • Identification and development strategic and cultural fit
  • Project management and implementation support
  • Change management
    • Relationship management in the company
    • Optimising business processes
    • Coaching
  • Management development
    • Developing employees and team potential
    • Coaching managers and team leaders on the job
    • Personnel development
    • Implementing management instruments
  • Statistically based business management
    • Integrated planning
    • Building up controlling
    • KPI management and performance monitoring
    • Cost management
    • Building up cost accounting
    • Outsourcing reporting
  • Mediation and conflict management

Contact: Thorsten Trippler

  • Corporate communication
  • Financial communication
  • Training and education

Contact: Thorsten Trippler

  • Overindebtedness check IDW S11
  • Preparation of S6 expert opinions and remediation concepts
  • Debt servicing capability test
  • Implementation of remediation measures and controlling of measures
  • Control of restructuring process (banks, creditors, employees)
  • reorganization/credit talks
  • Coaching in the change process

Contact: Thorsten Trippler

Process consulting

In process consulting the coach puts the client in a position to solve their problems independently. Involving the managers and employees affected is at the forefront here – to achieve broad acceptance of the proposed solutions and their successful implementation. Frequent areas of application are strategy development, corporate succession, management development, market positioning, customer orientation and business process development.

Expert consulting

In expert consulting the consultant gives the client a statement on the delegated tasks that includes a concrete solution proposal. Experts are used in areas such as mastering business crises, introducing cost accounting/controlling systems, IT audits and introducing DP systems.

Business mediation

Business mediation is a procedure that save costs and time when solving conflicts. The aim here is to reach a consensus between the parties in conflict and work out a sustainable solution with concrete, reliable agreements. This is applied in areas such as conflicts between shareholders/partners/employees, change processes in companies and regulating corporate successions.