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Legal Advice

Target oriented planning and consequent enforcement of rights
An issue that is becoming ever more important in an ever more complex world. This is why you need a team of experienced and specialist lawyers who will implement your issues making financial sense and legally reliably.

Legal advice is provided by Treuhand Rechtsberatung Hochhäusler • Duwe & Partner, an independent partnership of lawyers. They offer advice and support in matters of corporate and financial law including representing your interest in court disputes. So you can concentrate fully on your business.

Employment law

  • Contract design
  • Remuneration and working time models
  • Management board and director advice
  • Company agreements and collective bargaining agreements
  • Employee participation programmes
  • Employee data protection
  • Personnel leasing
  • Restructuring, business handover
  • Occupational pension pension
  • Social security law
  • Terminations, downsizing, short-time working
  • Litigation
  • Cross-border employment
  • Insolvency-related employment law

Your contacts: Klaus Wilke

Banking law

  • Support during bank-related transactions (borrowing, project and acquisition financing)
  • Negotiating with banks and support during bank meetings
  • Credit and collateral law

Contact: Dr. Christoph Bode

Inheritance and donations

  • Planning asset succession
  • Wills/Inheritance contracts
  • Power of attorney/Advance directives
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Execution of wills
  • Tax optimisation

Your contacts: Ralf Hochhäusler, Klaus Wilke and Michael Wurthmann

Corporate law

  • Advice from start-up to liquidation
  • Planning articles of association
  • Advice in the event of corporate law conflicts
  • Advising directors and shareholders
  • Conversion law and conversion tax law

Your contacts: Ralf Hochhäusler, Klaus Wilke and Michael Wurthmann


Insolvency law and restructuring advice

  • Negotiating with insolvency administrators, creditors, shareholders and other interested parties
  • Advising the management on questions of restructuring and avoiding liability
  • Support on initiating insolvency proceedings (including self-administration & insolvency protection proceedings) and in ongoing proceedings
  • Court representation (e.g. defending avoidance claims)

Contact: Dr. Christoph Bode

IT law

  • IT contracts
  • IT compliance
  • IT conflict management
  • Taxation of eCommerce
  • IT forensics

Contact: Alexander Hamminger

Mergers & acquisitions

  • Planning and implementing of joint ventures
  • Support when planning and managing an M&A transaction
  • Contract initiation, Letters of Intent
  • Corporate purchases and sales
  • Corporate transformations and restructuring
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiating, planning and executing contracts

Contact: Michael Wurthmann

Tax-privileged entities

  • Advice on setting up e.g. tax-privileged corporations under German law (gGmbH, UG)
  • Obtaining and retaining recognition as a tax-privileged corporation
  • Restructuring such as mergers or asset transfers
  • Ongoing legal and taxation advice on non-profit and donation law
  • Advice on sponsoring tax-privileged entities
  • (Tax) law support during tax audits and disputes in financial courts

Contact: Lutz Meyer

Foundation law/Association law

  • Start-up advice, including official coordination in particular (foundation supervisory authority/association register)
  • Ongoing advice on questions of foundation and association law (member meetings)
  • Support when amending articles of association
  • Foundations as succession instruments

Contact: Lutz Meyer

Public sector companies

  • Comprehensive tax consulting for public sector companies
  • Identification of businesses of a commercial nature
  • Conversions and restructuring e.g. of municipal companies
  • Training in taxation of the public sector

Contact: Lutz Meyer

Corporate succession

  • Advising business owners and their families
  • Preparing, structuring and supporting corporate successions
  • Contractual implementation and support of the transition
  • Comprehensive advice on inheritance law, tax and corporation law
  • Advice on selling and purchasing companies

Your contacts: Ralf Hochhäusler, Klaus Wilke and Michael Wurthmann


Contract law

  • Advising, planning and checking contracts, in particular sales law, leasing law, tenancy law, patent law and distribution law
  • Law of general terms and conditions
  • Extrajudicial and judicial representation of interests

Your contacts: Klaus Wilke, Dr. Christoph Bode and Alexander Hamminger