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Reliable figures and optimised taxes
You can rely on us. Because regardless of whether it is a start-up, running a business, expansion, crisis or handover — reliable figures and optimised tax planning play a central role in every corporate phase.

Our committed teams in financial bookkeeping and payroll are on top of the latest procedures and technologies. There are also tax advisers and specialists who know about current issues and common models and will implement them with you, nationally and internationally. So despite the complex tax issues, you can fully focus on entrepreneurial questions.

  • Drawing up business and private tax returns
  • Preparation of company and private tax returns

Contact: Detlef Nannen

  • General ongoing tax consulting
  • Property taxation (income tax/VAT/land transfer tax)
  • Donation and inheritance tax questions, questions about asset succession
  • Representation towards tax offices

Contact: Detlef Nannen

  • Classic financial bookkeeping with pendulum files
  • Entering digital receipts (receipts stay in the company)
  • Conducting financial bookkeeping on site at the business using our hardware and software
  • Conducting financial bookkeeping on the company’s server
  • Payment transactions and dunning
  • Cost accounting, plan-actual comparisons, individual evaluations
  • Support services for the company’s accounting
  • Collaborative financial bookkeeping (interlinking accounting business/advisors)
  • Keeping a register of assets
  • Preparation and sending advance VAT returns

Contact: Detlef Nannen

  • Payroll accounting
    • Preparation of wage and salary payrolls
    • Drawing up payment orders for payment transactions with banks
    • Data transmission to health insurers and tax offices
    • Service line: telephone assistance for all payroll questions
  • Archiving
    • Electronic data archiving
    • Digital personnel files
    • Electronic payslips
  • Statements
    • Producing payroll statements and applications for social security funding agencies, insurers etc.
    • Drawing up wage statements for the employers’ liability insurance association
  • On-site service
    • Supporting the preparation of payroll accounting in the client’s office
  • Special evaluations/Statistics
    • Evaluations for business decisions
  • Employee grants
    • Presenting staff loyalty measures
  • Sequence control
    • Tips and tricks in day-to-day business
    • Optimization in processing
    • Increased effectiveness through workplace organization
  • Professional competence
    • Informal exchange in all technical matters
  • Temporary representation
    • Planned and unplanned replacement of your clerks

Contact: Michael Stoltz

  • Preparation of annual financial statements as per commercial and tax law as well as international standards
  • Preparation of consolidated annual financial statements as per HGB
  • Drawing up profit determinations

Contact: Detlef Nannen

  • Support during external tax audits
  • Providing legal remedies towards the fiscal authorities
  • Representation in financial courts and the German Federal Fiscal Court
  • Advice on voluntary declarations as per criminal tax law
  • Support in criminal tax proceedings

Your contacts: Detlef Nannen, Ralf Hochhäusler, Klaus Wilke and Dr. Christian Hansen


  • Planning advice in all areas of corporation tax law
  • Selection of legal form
  • Business transformations and restructuring
  • Tax optimisation of company purchases and sales

Your contacts: Ralf Hochhäusler, Klaus Wilke, Michael Wurthmann and Dr. Christian Hansen

  • Taxation of foreign income
  • Foreign tax law/Exit taxation
  • Permanent establishment and subsidiaries domestically and abroad
  • International VAT
  • Customs law
  • Employee secondement
  • Transfer pricing including documentation and planning

Your contacts:  Claudia Averbeck and Heiko Günther