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About Us

Developing and implementing optimal solutions – that is our goal. With this aim the Treuhand team supports decision-makers in all questions concerning auditing, tax consulting, legal advice, management consulting and IT consulting.

We master this with sound, up-to-date knowledge, many years of experience and lots of enthusiasm for our remit. We understand, down to the smallest detail, what we are doing. We don’t supply paper, but solutions and we use planning leeway – including across national borders. This is how we commit ourselves personally to the self-employed, entrepreneurs and decision-makers, so you can fully concentrate on your core competences and successfully run your company.


As the leading group of advisory firms in the Weser-Ems region we are the premium partner of the Mittelstand in mastering current and future challenges. Our comprehensive spectrum of services consisting of auditing, tax consulting, legal advice, management consulting, IT advice and special services covers decision-makers’ requirements in almost all questions of corporate management – and does so at the highest level of quality.

We’ll secure your legal, tax and financial management frameworks, especially in growth, crisis, succession and other demanding phases of the company. Our particular strength is tax-orientated planning advice. Direct contacts providing all-round advice and viewing the client as a whole long term and interdisciplinary cooperation between our specialists at the same time lead to pragmatic and reliable solutions.

The following companies belong to the Treuhand Group:

  • Treuhand Weser-Ems GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
  • einfach.effizient. Treuhand Unternehmensberatung GmbH & Co. KG
  • Treuhand Rechtsberatung Hochhäusler • Duwe & Partner Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB
  • VERITAS Treuhand GmbH & Co. KG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Successfully on the market for over 100 years

We combine tradition with innovation – companies have trusted in our experience for many years.

  • 1922

    Foundation of the Treuhand Oldenburg as one of the first firms of auditing companies in Germany by the Oldenburgische Spar- und Leihbank, now the OLB

  • 1969

    Foundation of Treuhand Union Unternehmensberatung GmbH, fromer Treuhand Weser-Ems Unternehmensberatung GmbH

  • 1987

    Acquisition of shares from the Oldenburgische Landesbank by the active professionals of the Treuhand

  • 1996

    Merger of Treuhand with Klose und Partner

  • 2008

    Foundation of Witten-Treuhand GmbH & Co. KG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

  • 2013

    Change to the network HLB International

  • 2017

    Legal integration of Witten Treuhand into
    Treuhand Weser-Ems GmbH

    New location in Bremen

  • 2018

    20 years anniversary of the “Kunstfoyer am Langenweg“

  • 2020

    Merger of Treuhand Unternehmensberatung (Advisory) and IT Consulting with einfach.effizient

  • 2022

    100th anniversairy Treuhand

    20 directors/Partners and more than 250 employees

  • 2023

    19 Directors and Partners and 270 Employees


Treuhand Standort Bremen
Treuhand Standort Wildeshausen

Regionally connected – internationally networked. We’ll be there for you – in BremenOldenburgWildeshausen and in over 140 countries.

Due to our membership of the HLB International network, we can draw on the expertise of more than 20,110 staff. We are pleased to be your local contact. Although we use all modern communication methods, we don’t just give our advice from a desk. Your advantage: short distances and quick decisions. And that for issues beyond the German border too.