International Contacts

Advising without borders

Our international network goes far beyond a simple directory of phone numbers. We’ve cultivated personal relationships with global partners through numerous projects and daily collaboration. This allows us to solve your cross-border issues promptly, efficiently, and always reliably. Our robust network is our strength, deployed to your advantage.

We provide comprehensive advice and support for all your international investments and operations, whether inbound or outbound. Our expertise covers a wide range of cross-border issues, including international permanent establishments, foreign entity formation, and transfer pricing. By addressing your global challenges effectively, we enable you to focus entirely on growing your business abroad.

We look forward to your inquirie – please feel free to contact us directly.

Your contacts

Claudia Averbeck

Tax Adviser, Certified Adviser in International Taxation

Telephone:+49 (0)441 9710-252

Heiko Günther

Heiko Günther

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer for tax law

Telephone: +49 (0)441 9710-130

Bremen | Oldenburg | Wildeshausen I +49 (0)441 9710-200