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Providing support with expertise and experience

We are decision facilitators, the necessary catalyst, the helping hand, and the pragmatic approach. Above all, our key strength lies in our broad expertise and diverse capabilities. The einfach.effizient. Treuhand Unternehmensberatung consists of over 20 consultants with varied specializations and professional experiences. This interdisciplinary collaboration offers great added value to our clients, as we consistently link various subject areas and illuminate issues from different perspectives. This approach allows us to continuously develop new strategies and ideas for our clients, resulting in comprehensive solutions.


Jörg Högemann

Jörg Högemann


Telephone: +49 (0) 441 9710-355

Our expertise spans various sectors – colorful and diverse like ourselves. However, our holistic consulting approach goes beyond individual domains. We consider the transformative impact of each project, viewing them in their entirety, with all their challenges and opportunities, for all parties involved.

  • Strategy development
  • Development of corporate concepts
  • Development of corporate missions and values
  • Change management
  • Corporate management
  • Company succession

Contact: Jörg HögemannUwe Chamier

  • Personnel development
  • Management culture
  • Conflict management
  • Team development and leadership
  • Management development and coaching
  • Digital leadership

Contact: Dr. Henning Tirrel

  • New Leadership
  • Agility and hybrid management

Contact: Henning Tirrel

  • Business process optimization
  • Work organization (Lean Management)
  • Production, workshop, and warehouse optimization
  • Process digitalization
  • Communication
  • Development and advancement of integrated management systems
  • Quality management and internal audits

Contact: Uwe ChamierDr. Henning Tirrel

  • Key figures analysis and controlling
  • Cost management
  • Liquidity management
  • External controlling (target/performance-comparison)
  • Performance quick check

Contact: Tammo HarmsHabbo Hartmann

  • Integrated planning
  • Controlling of measures
  • Debt service capacity check
  • Restructuring reports and concepts (IDW S6)
  • Over-indebtedness status check (IDW S11)

Contact: Tammo HarmsHabbo HartmannUwe Chamier

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