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Security and value added
Reliable information and objective judgements will increase security for businesspeople, creditors and shareholders. For this you need experienced auditors who know your company and your business model. And this is precisely what Treuhand audit offers, with its closeness to the Mittelstand.

Our audit activities are tailored to your needs. You’ll get an objective judgement from us and will meet all the legal regulations that are applicable to you. Our audit processes take the latest technical developments into account. We’ll provide the foundations for sound tips and advice that will move you forward. What will you get? More time to concentrate fully on your company.

  • Audit of financial statements and of annual and consolidated financial statements as per HGB and IFRS
  • Auditor review of interim reports and financial information
  • Auditing the regularity of management actions as per section 53 of the German Budgetary Principles Act

Contact: Carsten Schürmann

  • Conducting special audits as per German Companies Act, LLC and conversion law
  • Audits as per energy law regulations e.g. EEG, KWK-G
  • Auditing reports on expenditure of funds in connection with public development funds
  • Use of funds audit for charitable institutions e.g. foundations
  • Audits as per the provisions on packaging ordinances
  • Advice on drawing up and auditing sustainability reports
  • Audits as per the German Banking and Securities Trading Acts
  • Audits as per German broker and builder regulations
  • Audits and advice in assessing if there are grounds to open insolvency proceedings
  • Accounting advice e.g. statements on complex accounting questions, when converting accounting to IFRS and introducing new standards, organising and optimising accounting, in-house training etc.

Contact: Carsten Schürmann

  • Financial due diligence
  • Transaction related legal and voluntary audits and confirmation services
  • Other due diligence
  • Company valuations
    • Valuations as per national and international standards
    • Valuations for taxation purposes
    • Purchase price allocation
    • Arbitration, court and party opinions on questions of company valuation
    • Fairness opinions
  • Planning and restructuring of corporate finance
  • Drawing up and auditing forecasts, e.g. finance models

Contact: Carsten Schürmann

  • Internal control system
    • Assessing the security of internal control systems
    • Advice on introducing and improving existing systems
  • Risk and compliance management
    • Support in introducing risk and compliance management systems
    • Auditing existing risk and compliance management systems
  • Internal audit
    • Supporting the existing organisation and taking over internal audit activities
    • Conceiving and implementing a build up and expansion of the audit department
    • Quality assurance and quality improvement to assess the effectiveness of internal audit systems
    • Special investigations in the event of deception, embezzlement and fraud
    • Analysing and optimising business processes

Contact: Carsten Schürmann

  • IT-Certification
  • Software Certification (IDW PS 880)
  • Outsourcing and operations (IDW PS 951)
  • Outsourcing and operations (IDW PS 850)

Contact: Tim Kohnen