Food Sector and Agriculture

Certainty according to your taste

The food and agriculture business is undergoing constant change, becoming increasingly complex and challenging. Price and margin pressures, shifting consumer expectations, and political markets are just a few examples. Many companies are additionally confronted with global issues due to international trade flows and fluctuating commodity prices. When ongoing tax and legal changes and bureaucratic hurdles are added to these multifaceted conditions, maintaining focus on the essentials becomes difficult.

You can rely on our expertise, built on comprehensive industry knowledge and close collaboration among auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, management consultants, and IT experts. Companies with foreign branches also benefit from our international HLB partner network. Rest assured – this is how the corporate future tastes.


Frank Reichelt


Auditor, Tax Adviser

Telephone: +49 (0)441 9710-313

Focus of activities:
  • Auditing and consulting of larger medium-sized companies in the Weser-Ems region and throughout Germany
  • Tax and economic advice for young companies
  • Development of compliance programs e. g. TCMS
  • Examination and advice in connection with the licensing process of DFB and DFL

Bremen | Oldenburg | Wildeshausen | Telephone: +49 (0)441 9710-0