Healthcare Professions

Solutions for sustainable concepts

Cost surges due to the increase in chronic illnesses, an aging population, and advancing digitalization are driving significant changes across the healthcare industry. Consequently, the roles of doctors, dentists, medical professionals, as well as hospitals and healthcare companies have transformed substantially. This new landscape demands visionary thinking and the development of sustainable ideas and concepts.

Our specialists understand the unique challenges of the healthcare industry and offer expert, comprehensive advisory services. Whether you need auditors, tax advisors, management consultants, lawyers, or IT experts – our specialized teams serve as reliable partners. Our clients value us not just as strategists and analysts, but primarily as advisors and guides. We are committed to collaborating with you to develop practical solutions that ensure long-term success.


Sven Wolf


Tax Adviser, B.Sc.

Telephone: +49 (0)441 9710-161

Focus of activities:
  • Tax and business management advice, in particular for doctors, dentists and members of other medical professions
  • Preparation of surplus income statements
  • Auditing and preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Tax planning and tax structuring
  • Assistance with external wage tax audits and social security audits

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